June 2020

The new world of work has afforded many professionals ranging from Baby-Boomers to Generation Y’s with a spread of options of work, while their deliverables are ascertained by their nature of work. Although countless entrants and professionals may primarily opt to work on a full-time basis in organisations, the narrative that was previously held throughout the years seems to have gradually converted and shifted towards a less rigid way of work in organisations. Peter van Nieuwenhuizen wrote an interesting piece in the City Press where he focused on the opinion that there are no jobs, but there is work.

The current workforce is seemingly tapping into an arena where individuals can freely create a workplace that allows working unconventionally and opening innovative solutions. As a result, teams are encouraged to recreate their organisational structures, to identify skills and strengths that could possibly suit the organisation to ensure that they adapt to fluctuations. If one thinks about it, that is how dynamic teams are formed, proper management of talent begins and leveraging on new skills and creating new avenues leads toward the sustainability of the organisation. In an article published on the Skills Portal by  Robbyn Wilkinson, the workforce needs to take it upon themselves to research and establish what the new world of work needs and how it will affect them thus holding themselves accountable to identify and develop their skills in order to embrace the new world of work.

Branching into the new world of work enable professionals to explore the current needs of their respective markets taking into consideration the way in which the world is evolving. The constant demand and supply in various industries, the ability to render distinct services that grant organisations to stand out from those who provide similar products and services allows more focus on research and development to keep up with activities that ensure that there is added values and multiple revenue streams.

The new world of work is most probably the most exciting era where opportunities lie ahead waiting to be explored and exhausted by those who are hungry and eager to make something of themselves.

K. Cowley
(Chairperson – (CEA – TESD)