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Dive into the diverse expertise of CEA(SA) through our specialized divisions covering structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, piping, and project management fields. Discover how each division contributes to the vibrant tapestry of the construction engineering industry.

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Welding Collaboration

Collaborating with the Institute of Welding

Partnering with the Institute of Welding, the CEA(SA) enhances industry standards and practices. In addition to its own initiatives and active Temporary Employment Services Division, the association maintains close ties with key industry bodies, including the SA Institute of Steel Construction and the SA Institute of Welding, fostering collaboration and driving excellence across the welding community.

Understanding Our TES Division

Temporary Employment Services (TES) Overview

Established in 1994 as the Labour Broking Division, the current Constructional Engineering Association Temporary Employment Services Division (CEA TESD) ensures compliance and credibility among its members. Its primary objective is to represent the interests of employers and employees initially engaged in the steel, structural, and mechanical industry, along with project management, setting standards for self-regulation in atypical employment relations within the EPCM market. Over time, it has diversified into various sectors like logistics, retail, and the motor industry, with some members supplying “white collar” professionals such as draughtsmen, engineers, project managers, and technicians to the EPCM industries, mining houses, and manufacturing sector.

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