Any employer engaged in the Constructional Engineering Industry, which may include but
not be limited to any of the following activities shall be eligible for membership of the Association:-

those engaged in the fabrication of rolled metal sections and plate including the assembly, and/or erection
of engineering plant or structures and the repair and/or dismantling thereof.

those engaged in construction site operations and activities, including maintenance work. These operations are taken to
include, but are not limited to, all structural,   mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work, and work related to these
activities, on construction sites.  Temporary workshops set up by members at or near construction sites are regarded as being
included in construction site operations.

those engaged in the manufacture and/or assembly and/or renovation and/or rectification and/or modification of railway
rolling stock including 610 mm gauge  rolling stock-rolling stock includes locomotives and/or propulsion/traction units and/or
railway wagons and/or passenger coaches and/or guards vans..

those engaged in the application of anti-corrosive coating and/or insulation of metal vessels and/or ducting and/or piping.

those engaged in non-destructive testing (NDT) and employing operatives and inspection personnel.

those engaged in the supply of labour with the
skills used in the industry, to the members of the Association and to the industry in general.


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