Media Statement: Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act

Kindly be advised that the Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill had been passed in the NCOP on 22 November 2016.

In summary, the Bill has the following aspects:

·  Increase UIF benefits from 238 to 365 days.

·  Increase maternity leave benefits to 66%, which will no longer be deducted from the mother’s unemployment insurance benefit.

·  Cover workers who lost working hours due to reduced time at their work place.

·  Include public servants under the UIF and thus be covered in the event of dismissal; include women, who had miscarriages during the third trimester or a
still born birth.

·  Allow the family and/ or nominated beneficiary of deceased claimant to receive their benefits.

·  Prohibit the charging of fees by any party (e.g. agency) to a UIF claimant for helping them submit their claims.

Please click on the link to view the Bill: