5 Rules on employee privacy and confidentiality

7 May 2019

1.0) Five (5) rules on employee privacy and confidentiality. . . .

  1. No one should hold onto personal information about an employee that isn’t necessary for the operation of the business.
  2. Only members of staff who need to have access to personal data about employees should be authorised to have such access.
  3. No personal data about employees should be given to anyone inside the business without authorisation.
  4. No personal data about employees should be given to outsiders without authorisation (by the employee) unless you’re required to give the information by law.
  5. The company won’t normally concern itself with what employees do after hours and outside of work UNLESS it’s something that affects the reputation of the business or the employee’s ability to do his job properly. For example where the employee is in a financial management position and is convicted of fraud or some other offence involving dishonesty.Warning!
    With the Protection of Personal Information Bill enacted these principles will become law.

K. Cowley
(Chairperson – (CEA – LBD)