Considering the unacceptably high levels of youth unemployment, CAPES has recently joined the National Pathway Management Network – a part of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention.

This network brings together government, business, and civil society partners who are committed to working collaboratively to transition young people into the labour market. By participating in this network, CAPES and its members have a unique opportunity to not only contribute to national solutions but also to grow their businesses.

As a member of CAPES, you have exclusive access to SA Youth, a data-free platform that the  network uses to source candidates. Employers and agencies can easily post opportunities and find young people who meet their criteria, and the best part is, it’s completely free for you to access. The only requirement from SA Youth is for you to provide feedback on the outcomes of any candidates you hire – your feedback helps to measure the platform’s impact, continually improve it, and keep it free for all users.

To learn more about SA Youth and how it can benefit your business, we encourage you to click here to or watch this short video of the platform’s features and benefits. We highly recommend taking a closer look and considering using this platform as a valuable addition to your recruiting toolkit.

Using SA Youth has many benefits for your organisation:

  1. Wider Reach and access to talent: With over 4 million young work-seekers nationally, you have access to a much larger pool of potential candidates.
  2. Time saving: The platform is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making it easier for you to identify and screen applicants.
  3. Support for Jobseekers: By sending unsuccessful applicants, or those outside your specialisation, to SA Youth, you can provide them with additional resources and support to help them find alternative opportunities. This demonstrates your commitment to their professional development and can enhance your company’s and the industry’s reputation.

So how does it work?

Once you have registered (CAPES would like to measure the impact of our industry in supporting youth employment initiatives, and promote use of member companies, so please select CAPES and/or APSO, AHASA, CEA or ITA, in the dropdown during registration) and your account has been verified, using SA Youth is a simple process for finding and hiring the right entry-level candidates for your organisation.

  1. Create an Opportunity Card: You can provide details about the position you are hiring for, including the job title, geographical location, skill requirements, and responsibilities. You can also ask customised questions and request a voice note from applicants to help with screening and shortlisting.
  2. Search for Candidates: The opportunity card is shown to young people who match your criteria, and they will apply on the platform by answering your questions. However, candidates can also search, view, and apply for all jobs available on the platform.
  3. Shortlist & Contact: You will then be able to download a list of applicants ranked according to how closely they match your criteria, and you can initiate contact with them via SMS on the platform.
  4. Interview & Hire: You can then set up interviews with your shortlisted candidates and hire the best candidate for the job. All SA Youth asks is that you return to the platform to provide feedback on your new hires, which you can easily upload.

The platform is fully self-service, but the SA Youth team is available to offer support and answer any questions you may have. To provide more insight and showcase the power of the platform, we invite you to attend one of the scheduled, no-obligation, 30-minute demos.

There are three (3) demos planned, simply click on the link to register your seat:

Tuesday 28 February 2023 15h00 – 15h30 Register here
Monday 13 March 2023 12h00 – 12h30 Register here
Friday 24 March 2023 09h00 – 09h30 Register here


Who is SA Youth?

SA Youth is a partnership between government, business, and civil society to tackle youth unemployment as part of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention.

SA Youth is enabled by an innovative multi-channel platform, which is data-free for work-seekers, and which allows employers to load opportunities and identify young people who match their criteria.

The SA Youth network is powered by Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator who work together with a network of other partners.


CAPES and SA Youth, both proud members of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention the National Pathways Management Network (NPMN), have formed a partnership to offer CAPES members access to a national network of over 4 million young entry-level job seekers, at no cost. Through SA Youth, CAPES members can easily source job seekers when required and can also refer job seekers in their own networks to the SA Youth platform ( to find alternative opportunities, where they are not able to assist.

What does SA YOUTH offer CAPES Members?

What does SA YOUTH offer Young People?

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