Month: March 2016

New CCMA Guidelines

In the matter: Chirwa v Transnet Ltd (Ref: 2009 (4) BALR 350) a dismissal was found to be “procedurally” unfair due to the bias of the presiding officer (Chairperson). The reason for this finding included; • Employer attempt to dismiss the accused (employee) regardless of consequences. • Employer assigned the role of chairperson (presiding officer)…

Statement of Clarification – Repeal of Sector Codes

ISSUED BY: SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE AND ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION DIVISION DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY The Minister of the Department of Trade and Industry issued a Government Notice No. 184 in the Government Gazette No.39703 on the 17th February 2016, to repeal the Construction and Chartered Accountancy (CA) Sector Codes.