Sandra attributes her career growth and work experience to the availability of Temporary Employment Services and how it is facilitated.

South Africa is rich in history, both negative and positive. A lot of that history has had a direct impact on the educational and employment background of various citizens. With the older generation, the traditional route of matriculating, registering with a higher institution and graduating has not always been an available option.

Sandra Ngidi, born and bred in Orlando East, Soweto, is one of many job seekers who struggled to secure work. In her early 20’s, Sandra had been vigorously seeking employment opportunities with no success.

In 1998, at age 26, through the grape-vine, Sandra heard of Transman and Temporary Employment Services (TES) and decided to register. Shortly, she was placed as a general worker. This was Sandra’s first job.

Light at the end of the tunnel

It is common knowledge that an unaccounted period in a Curriculum Vitae is never advantageous. In 1999, Sandra had to take time out from the work environment to help her mother take care of her sickly brother, this went on until 2002 when her brother passed away.

With an unemployed mother and an 8-year-old daughter, Sandra had to seek employment once more.

Through the TES, she was working in a few months. Sandra worked as a housekeeper, relieving another employee who was on maternity leave. When her period was almost over, Sandra’s hard work was not gone unnoticed, as her manager refused to let her go. In 2003, Sandra was appointed permanently at Transman as a Housekeeper.

After cleaning and making tea for them, I would ask if I could assist them with anything, says Sandra.

She was not content with where she was, she wanted more for herself. Resilient and hardworking, Sandra made her intentions known.

“In 2011 I was approached by Lesley-Ann and asked if I am still willing to grow from where I was. I told her yes. Then I was included in a Learnership GETC: Business Practice. That was the start.”

Sandra’s life changed, after the GETC: Business Practice, she took part in various other learnerships that contributed to her skills development and personal growth.

The quality of my life really changed, I was able to finally finish renovating my Soweto home which had been in renovation for more than 10 years,”  she said.

Today, Sandra works as a Training Administrator. Prior to this she worked in the Human Resources Division, preparing the CCMA cases and arguing conciliations, and has attended various CCMA user forums.

Sandra attributes her career growth and work experience to the availability of Temporary Employment Services and how it is facilitated.

“Registering with Transman was very easy, all I had to do was provide my CV. I worked through the TES for more than a decade and I have never had to pay for their services”, said Sandra.