9 March 2020

Our sincerest condolence to the family of Chris Clarke who recently passed away under tragic circumstances.

It is with fond memories that we wish to bid farewell to Chris, who added much value to the Recruitment and Temporary Services Industry and who was gainfully involved as a founding member of the CEA (LBD).  Chris was also directly involved in the participation of the CEA Executive Committee representing the TES Industry as the Vice Chairperson for several years.
Further contribution to this Industry involved him dedicating much time and energy to the Accreditation and Compliance of the membership.

Chris is also remembered as an astute business man who was bent on applying both ethical and professional standards and who because of his leadership, commitment, enthusiasm and vision was able to make a positive contribution to Labour Broking within South Africa.

We also wish to remember him as a very good friend and as an inspired motor racing enthusiast.

Good bye Chris , may you rest in peace, you will be forever in our memories.

Kevin Cowley on behalf of the CEA (TESD)